Let Your Inner Fairy Fly!

Hi I'm Vicki,

Mummy to the beautiful Elijah who was born January 2018.

I set up fairy baby creations while on maternity leave from teaching high school RE. Like many mummies in business I started by making products for my little monkey after not being able to find products I liked. 

I was a breastfeeding mummy to a tongue tied newborn desperate for sleep, dummies where the only thing that gave me temporary relief, but dummies never stay put, constantly loosing dummies lead mr to looking for a dummy clip, I didn't think those available where particularly safe (and after researching and having my own products tested I now know my instincts where spot on!) So I created my first clip and loved it.

I made products to solve the problems I faced as a mummy, teething? I made Eli beautiful teethers, Toys? I made gorgeous wood and crochet rattles, pram garlands and play gym toys, and when the little monster started pinching while feeding I made my first necklace.

Soon started making for family and friends. And decided to set up my own little business 'Fairy Baby Creations,' I had my products tested by a UK test house to guarantee safety and started selling at local craft fairs, on FB and Instagram.

Chew Fairy happened almost by accident. My 12 year old niece and 8 year old nephew are both on the Autistic spectrum with very different needs, My nephew William needs something to fiddle with on occasion in school so I created simple necklaces for him. My niece Neve has completely different needs, she is a girly girl, loves fashion and has her own style, she is also extremely sensory, She loves working with me to create unique products and is always the first person I ask to try something new. After making for Neve and William and a lot of pushing from friends in the craft world, I decided to create Chew Fairy specifically for 3+, creating safe chewable jewellery and sensory products that can be tailored to specific needs.

It is my mission to make fun, safe toys and accessories for mums, babies and those with with sensory needs that allow everyone to let their inner fairy fly!