Mousai Fiddle Stix

Mousai Fiddle Stix

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Fiddle stix are unique to Chew Fairy, I created them after attending may events where children would constntly be fascinated and fiddle with my string of bead samples and would always ask parents to buy them! I have been able to create something similar to this that is safe to play with and chew, thanks to the unique double holed safety beads  used in the design of the chew stick.


These beautiful Mousai Fiddle Stix are lots of fun! between the 2 large hexagon beads are  5 round beads that are great to fiddle and play with, perfect for those with chew and fiddle sensory needs.


Choose what colour hexagon and round beads you would like and let me know in the comment box below.




This product is not sutable for under 3's.

Not recomended for hard chewers.